Introducing Hjalmar Winbladh

The creator and CEO of Rebtel, Hjalmar, is in our eyes a true entrepreneur. With a successful history of creation and innovation within the mobile/internet area, he has proven to spot good ideas. Here’s a video clip with him from last week:

Hjalmar on Reuters

However, we have now discovered that he’s also a good host too. The day before yesterday he invited the whole company to his house for food and drinks. Everybody ate, drank, danced and singed the whole night, and the day after everybody were quick at putting it up in their personal blogs. Here’s a picture of that:



Nikon blogger outreach program – learnings for Rebtel?

As a company that wants to become, in a sense, “socialized” on the web I think Rebtel has a lot to learn. They (actually we, me and Björn are very much about it) are now going through a hyperspeed process of learning, discovering and trying things out.

Today I read about how Nikon in May this year decided to lend 50 bloggers a camera each for them to try out, give back after 6 months, keep for a total of 12 months or buy at a discounted rates (with the money going to charity). This recieved some good comments from people who recieved phones here, but also quite a bit of negative feedback like here and here.

So what can we learn from this?

It seems that,

  • They’re appreciated for their transparency and openness
  • It’s good that they require the blogger to be open about having recieved a loan camera
  • It’s good that they don’t require reciprocity
  • However – the whole concept of getting something for free, naturally creates a need for reciprocating which means that the blogger’s integrity comes into question
  • Limited trials of the product seems OK, however they are TRIALS not rewards for something well done
  • If we’re giving anything to bloggers it should be something that benefits their community and not only them as individuals – as a blogger you care about your ecosystem of readers (interesting discussion by CK)

Anyone got anything to add to this list??

Björn the Rebtel cricket

Adobe Photoshop is great! I am no longer a person, but rather a cricket. I know, being a cricket is not as cool and hip as being human. I think the people badtalking crickets are wrong. The benefits are to me, obvious!

Meet the team of Rebtel

Here are parts of the marketing team together with the application creator mouse and the developer dog:

The disney gang

From left to right: Puff aka Dale (Linus), Mickey (Jonas), Goofy (Anders), Pluto (Ola), Piff aka Chip (Björn) and Donald (Fredrik)

Rebtel goes into party mood

Yesterday we had a party out in Hjalmar’s place. The whole company was there eating, drinking, dancing and singing snaps songs and singstar. The mood was on top and everybody went in for partying. The singstar really seperated the staff in the fact that some really could sing, and some, including me, really proved that singing isn’t for everyone!

On the way home, we were 8 people in one car, three of us sitting in the trunk! My back and ass really took a serious beating from that…

Anyway, today everybody proved to be really cool, still being able to show up for work with sour heads. Awesome!!!

Rebtel goes to party !

Linus striking finish party poseTonight is party time at Rebtel, everyone’s going out to Hjalmar’s place to party!! So, look out for some crazy videos and lots of pictures tomorrow.

We just crammed into the car and I’ve taken the best possible party pose (see Finland for more info)!

Company is community, Community is company

Over the past few days we’ve been a part of uploading Rebtel. From being a community located at Augustendahlsvägen in Nacka, Stockholm it’s taken the step to become a community bound together over the internet.

Rebtel on Jaiku

This is the start of what we wantto do… take these guys put them online get our student netowrks, put them online. Mashup and have them all connected with each other. Now only the CEO needs to get online!