Rebel Challenge getting closer

What’s the Rebel Challenge?

Your mission: to persuade 45 people to join Rebtel and make a call.

What do you get out of this?

By taking part in the Rebel Challenge, you’ll develop a close international network of entrepreneurs, CEOs and tech gurus. You’ll gain
access to new technology, become a part of Rebtel, create value for your network and, last but not least, earn free international calling.

When does this start?

We are going to invite you this week!

Learn more

· Networking: The Rebtel network will deliver what LinkedIn and other serious social networks can’t – close contact between high-performing students and the people who’ll affect their future: people who can hire, recommend, sponsor and mentor them.

· Tech: By being a part of this community you’ll gain access to the newest tech developments, including sneak previews of the latest developments in mobile telephony, handsets and the future of the mobile web.

· Rebtel: Rebtel is keen to work with students because these same students are the ones who’ll be driving things a few years from now. Rather than simply hiring interns to chat meaningless drivel at job fairs, they want to involve young people in the very core of the company, helping shape Rebtel’s development and direction in years to come.

· Added value for your network: As a Rebel Challenge Winner you’ll be able to give network members extra features and deals, however you see fit.

· Free international calling: And, of course, the better you do, the more you’ll get from Rebtel and that includes free international calling from your cellphone!

Many thanksRebel Challenge

A big shout goes out to the developers, who’ve been working like crazy to set up a platform for the winners – a platform where the winners of the Rebel Challenge will be able to interact with top entrepreneurs, CEOs, and technology gurus in a fun, closed environment.

Challenge countdown

Check back soon for updates. The Rebel Challenge countdown has begun!

Björn Wigeman


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