Evolution of communication

My mother always find time to tell me how hard communication was back in the days when she was young. If you had someone in another country you wanted to talk to, you simply had to write letters. Those took days to get there!

Later on, you got landlines to connect, but the prices was so high that you simply couldn’t call unless you were royal or simply rich. After that, calling cards got bigger and everyone was running out standing in phonebooths no matter the weather. Not so nice really…

Now, people who want to call abroad but not pay as much use their computers and VOIP or Skype. This is an enormous improvement, but that too is starting to feel old and inconveniant. Sitting with your headset strapped up to the Internet makes you feel like a telemarketer and the feature of being able to see the other person has not been helping, unless for lovers in long distance relationships.

Today, being online isn’t hip as it was 10 years ago. Being able to call anywhere on the way to taking a coffee is more conveniant and 2007. Having your office set up where you are is not seen as unconventional but rather a way to increase your level of communication. Therefore, services like Rebtel’s is getting more and more useable.

And who knows what’s next? From what my CEO (Hjalmar) thinks, seen in his statement on Reuters, the future’s near and viral without having to be wired up!

Evolution of communication


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