Jeff Pulver calls for more innovation in voice

“…. And after listening to Brian Whitton speak, it became clear to me there is still a great opportunity to disrupt the communications industry, if for no other reason, than because of the amount of business processes in place at Verizon (and other incumbent Telcos) before a new service is deployed. In fact, in the time it takes for the financial analysts at Verizon work out the operating budgets for doing a voice over ATM rollout and the time engineering spends trying to justify the “risks” for deploying an IP Voice solution, the seed of a communications revolution could planted and sown. All it takes are like minded people who want to change the way we communicate and the guts to take on the status-quo. And what is better than the present time to reboot and restart the Internet Communications revolution?…..”

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  1. Linus:
    could not agree with you MORE! The telephony market is long overdue for a makeover…and who better than Rebtel to shake things up!

    per your comment on Jeff Pulver’s blog – it is evident that Rebtel’s approach is been revolutionary – what else should we expect from the Rebels right?! 😉

    Thus far, your product is simply superb – in fact, thanks to you I am finally “loving my operator” Can’t wait to hear what is next from you guys…do you want to give us a sneak preview? do tell…

  2. My answer to Jeff Pulver’s call for innovation

    What’s needed is a “Hosted Fring with Grandcentral’s filter rules and international mobile callforward over GSM”. A website that consolidates all possible VoIP services into one account and connects them to a phone or cell phone, wherever you are.

  3. Interesting idea, yes the whole range of VoIP services with added presence on other online service is clearly one of the applpications needed. For me it would rather be the possibility to act as your own operator, basically giving the user complete control over his or her voice communication, no matter on what network or what transfer media he or she is using.

    Interesting perspectives!


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