First Look – Google Analytics Launches New favicon

Google Analytics Launches New favicon this morning. This is a nice new favicon, definitly much better than the generic lower-case “g” they launched a bit earlier. Also it’s great to have different favicons for different Google services so that it’s easier to navigate amongst my browser tabs.

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Björn & Linus moved on!

So last summer was a blast, we launched a Facebook application (Reb me! – Install it if you haven’t), we learned a lot about social networks and I hope we made Rebtel just a little bit better.

Rebtel is doing great btw – and the business seems better than ever. For me and Björn we moved on to other adventures. I (Linus) is working with Bobex in Belgium and Björn is with Check our new places out and you can also read more about what I’m doing at my blog.