We’re two guys who’ve managed to score probably the best summer job on the planet – working with a project within an entrepreneurial company. We’re going to create a community of entrepreneurial minded people who are willing to fight the oligopols of telecom.

The company we’re working for is Rebtel and they’ve basically given us free hands to create something completely new!

We decided to blog about what we’re doing this summer!



  1. Yea, cool. First they feared that getting online will turn people into introverted lazy-ass lumps. But on the contrary!! We bloggers/surfers/cybergeneration people are transferring the meaning of sosialising by developing the most innovative ways to network, share ideas, create, learn and just purely hang out. Magnifique I say! Keep it up, world needs your kinds. Hälsningar från Tschekien!!

  2. Thank you Paula 🙂 Hope you’ve had great benefit from our service as well – I read on your blog about all your international experiences, make sure you take the time to reconnect with those people.


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