Trading an eraser

Inspired by the red paper clip trading, we’ve decided to try the trading business as well. Starting with a simple red eraser, we’re now in the hunt for a trading to something new. So, if you’ve got something laying around that you’re not really using, but would like to trade for a lovely eraser, give me a call (if in Sweden, call 0707166279, if not, click here)


We’ve also created a Facebook group for this trading to be monitored. Check it out here!


Conspiracy! Bush loves Usama

Many people and organizations have tried linking Usama and Bush together, looking back at the time when Bush was heading oil companies sponsored by the Usama family or when Bush senior helped the talibans to get the russians out of Afghanistan, and so on.

But it’s only until today that we’ve got proof of their friendship! Recent research indicates to close connections between them. A major investigation made by yours truely can now expose them as FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK!

Stay tuned as we continue our reseurch trying to find out if they are Top Friends!

Can we live without IT?

All day long I sit by the computer with my cellphone strapped to the ear. I can’t say that this was the way I entended it to be, but I also need to express that I’m not really sad about it. Therefore, I went hunting for others who are worse than me. And where did I find them? On the web of course…

The Viral Factory

When it comes to getting seen on internet, The Viral Factory seems to be one of the best. Using sites as youtube they’ve managed to get up to 35 million hits on one of their clips. That’s about 4 times Sweden!
Some of their most famous videos are the ones showing the Trojan Games, seen below

To see more from The Viral Factory on youtube, click here!

How would i look like, if in Simpsons?

Today, I went in to and made my character as I would look like, if being in the Simpsons. Don’t know if it was similar… You decide


Similar? I don’t know…

Substitute for Linus

Linus has escaped the office for ScaLDS and the wild happenings on the boat to and from Finland. While he’s having fun, creating agendas and partying, we’ve been working hard to find a substitute for him here at the office.

We had to find someone with the same kind of experience and skills. Most of all, we were looking for someone with the ability to pull some strings.

I’m proud to say that our hard work paid off. Let me introduce you to Mr Rope


Allthough not wearing his Rebtel sweater yet, we’re confident that he’ll blend right in to the team!

What if… ?

Here’s a little video that I think is really funny. Kudos to Efe…

And why wouldn’t you like to go to Sweden, or at least Reb us, when we threw these great parties!?!

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