Trading an eraser

Inspired by the red paper clip trading, we’ve decided to try the trading business as well. Starting with a simple red eraser, we’re now in the hunt for a trading to something new. So, if you’ve got something laying around that you’re not really using, but would like to trade for a lovely eraser, give me a call (if in Sweden, call 0707166279, if not, click here)


We’ve also created a Facebook group for this trading to be monitored. Check it out here!


EU cuts roaming


Go EU! However, the cap is still 46 euro cents, which means that to call my girlfriend and say the basic “I miss you” could still easily cost me a couple of euros. Let’s challenge this further, right?

Back from conference!

As Björn wrote, I’ve been away at a conference for a couple of days. It was a really intense experience to be with 120 people out in the forrest of Finland discussing leadership for 5 days.

Anyway – coming back from such an experience makes you think how to keep in touch with the people you meet?

Maybe answering machine messages aren’t the best – but it’s sure good to know that I can call them

Substitute for Linus

Linus has escaped the office for ScaLDS and the wild happenings on the boat to and from Finland. While he’s having fun, creating agendas and partying, we’ve been working hard to find a substitute for him here at the office.

We had to find someone with the same kind of experience and skills. Most of all, we were looking for someone with the ability to pull some strings.

I’m proud to say that our hard work paid off. Let me introduce you to Mr Rope


Allthough not wearing his Rebtel sweater yet, we’re confident that he’ll blend right in to the team!

Facebook application coming!

We wanted to make Rebtel more viral and Facebook less wired, so the developers here have started building an application that will connect the offline life to the online Facebook life.

Having cool apps on your FB account can make you start playing Super Mario again, take stupid tests, draw out your where-about and many things more. These are all fun in the moment of being online. You feel like you’re coming a bit closer to your friends simply by clicking on your computer.

I, myself, often crave to go offline seeking contact in the more traditional way, taking a beer or calling somebody on the phone. The fact that many of my friends are too far away for drinking with makes me call them more, now that I can without paying so much. The people I’ve met on FB are also in many cases abroad and therefore I feel like taking these contacts even closer even though distance is in the way.

I hope that many people will try the new app as soon as it’s done, so that we can get in contact with these!

Rebel Challenge is the shit!

Last night, right about midnight, we launched the Challenge. All the preparation is done and over, now we go into Challenge mood and work with the challegers to make this fun and a success!

Many have joined and we will see to that these together with the ones coming will get the results updated as often as possible on the ranking page.

Another video has also been edited and put on youtube. I’ll put it here under…

Street review iPhone

So, after having read (and got tired of) the same reviews of the iPhone over and over again all across everyone’s blogs, I happened to be on the underground station “Odenplan” when I heard some guys talking about the iPhone. I decided to record what they were saying:

(Sorry, in Swedish only!)