Rebel Challenge is the shit!

Last night, right about midnight, we launched the Challenge. All the preparation is done and over, now we go into Challenge mood and work with the challegers to make this fun and a success!

Many have joined and we will see to that these together with the ones coming will get the results updated as often as possible on the ranking page.

Another video has also been edited and put on youtube. I’ll put it here under…


People are hugging for Rebtel

Yesterday I was out taking a walk and a coffee with some friends. A friend of my friend had come spontaniously over from London for some sightseeing. When I told her about the UK campaign “We love your operator” on youtube, she wanted to make one here in Stockholm, and so we did…

Orange doesn’t love Rebtel

So finally the Rebtel people in London launched the Love your operator videos they’ve been doing, they’re great (and now there are three of them! – check out my youtube)