The Viral Factory

When it comes to getting seen on internet, The Viral Factory seems to be one of the best. Using sites as youtube they’ve managed to get up to 35 million hits on one of their clips. That’s about 4 times Sweden!
Some of their most famous videos are the ones showing the Trojan Games, seen below

To see more from The Viral Factory on youtube, click here!


Nikon blogger outreach program – learnings for Rebtel?

As a company that wants to become, in a sense, “socialized” on the web I think Rebtel has a lot to learn. They (actually we, me and Björn are very much about it) are now going through a hyperspeed process of learning, discovering and trying things out.

Today I read about how Nikon in May this year decided to lend 50 bloggers a camera each for them to try out, give back after 6 months, keep for a total of 12 months or buy at a discounted rates (with the money going to charity). This recieved some good comments from people who recieved phones here, but also quite a bit of negative feedback like here and here.

So what can we learn from this?

It seems that,

  • They’re appreciated for their transparency and openness
  • It’s good that they require the blogger to be open about having recieved a loan camera
  • It’s good that they don’t require reciprocity
  • However – the whole concept of getting something for free, naturally creates a need for reciprocating which means that the blogger’s integrity comes into question
  • Limited trials of the product seems OK, however they are TRIALS not rewards for something well done
  • If we’re giving anything to bloggers it should be something that benefits their community and not only them as individuals – as a blogger you care about your ecosystem of readers (interesting discussion by CK)

Anyone got anything to add to this list??