Substitute for Linus

Linus has escaped the office for ScaLDS and the wild happenings on the boat to and from Finland. While he’s having fun, creating agendas and partying, we’ve been working hard to find a substitute for him here at the office.

We had to find someone with the same kind of experience and skills. Most of all, we were looking for someone with the ability to pull some strings.

I’m proud to say that our hard work paid off. Let me introduce you to Mr Rope


Allthough not wearing his Rebtel sweater yet, we’re confident that he’ll blend right in to the team!


What if… ?

Here’s a little video that I think is really funny. Kudos to Efe…

And why wouldn’t you like to go to Sweden, or at least Reb us, when we threw these great parties!?!

Introducing Hjalmar Winbladh

The creator and CEO of Rebtel, Hjalmar, is in our eyes a true entrepreneur. With a successful history of creation and innovation within the mobile/internet area, he has proven to spot good ideas. Here’s a video clip with him from last week:

Hjalmar on Reuters

However, we have now discovered that he’s also a good host too. The day before yesterday he invited the whole company to his house for food and drinks. Everybody ate, drank, danced and singed the whole night, and the day after everybody were quick at putting it up in their personal blogs. Here’s a picture of that:


Meet the team of Rebtel

Here are parts of the marketing team together with the application creator mouse and the developer dog:

The disney gang

From left to right: Puff aka Dale (Linus), Mickey (Jonas), Goofy (Anders), Pluto (Ola), Piff aka Chip (Björn) and Donald (Fredrik)

Rebtel goes to party !

Linus striking finish party poseTonight is party time at Rebtel, everyone’s going out to Hjalmar’s place to party!! So, look out for some crazy videos and lots of pictures tomorrow.

We just crammed into the car and I’ve taken the best possible party pose (see Finland for more info)!