First Look – Google Analytics Launches New favicon

Google Analytics Launches New favicon this morning. This is a nice new favicon, definitly much better than the generic lower-case “g” they launched a bit earlier. Also it’s great to have different favicons for different Google services so that it’s easier to navigate amongst my browser tabs.

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Björn & Linus moved on!

So last summer was a blast, we launched a Facebook application (Reb me! – Install it if you haven’t), we learned a lot about social networks and I hope we made Rebtel just a little bit better.

Rebtel is doing great btw – and the business seems better than ever. For me and Björn we moved on to other adventures. I (Linus) is working with Bobex in Belgium and Björn is with Check our new places out and you can also read more about what I’m doing at my blog.

Challengers are on Rebel Challenge

Two weekdays has gone by in the Challenge and 15 challengers have already signed up, gotten their tools and started. Linus and Björn are still in the lead, but that’s how it should be, since we have time on our side. The summer’s cooking and many new challengers will join and start kicking ass by the weekend. We look forward to seeing them challenge the currents.

Telia loves Björn, Linus and Rebtel

Rebtel goes into party mood

Yesterday we had a party out in Hjalmar’s place. The whole company was there eating, drinking, dancing and singing snaps songs and singstar. The mood was on top and everybody went in for partying. The singstar really seperated the staff in the fact that some really could sing, and some, including me, really proved that singing isn’t for everyone!

On the way home, we were 8 people in one car, three of us sitting in the trunk! My back and ass really took a serious beating from that…

Anyway, today everybody proved to be really cool, still being able to show up for work with sour heads. Awesome!!!

How networked are you?

Today, me and Björn had a meeting which got me reflecting about networking!

We are both a part of an organization called AIESEC that highly values the concept of building a network and getting to know people – but when we started to analyze our situation, we find that a lot of the contacts you made during meeting and conferences were contacts that you just made, but never followed-up on…

If you’re serious about getting anywhere at all, it’s all in the people you know – but not only in the people you have on your MSN list, but rather the people that you actually communicate with, on a weekly basis.

So take 15 min today and manage your network, and not just message the people you always talk to!

Working in the void!

So last week, when we were brainstorming we were very much working in the void, sitting in conference rooms and working out how we want it to be working. Now since this monday it’s been all about going out talking to people and trying to get commitments from them to help us do stuff … It’s all tug-and-pull, “what can we do now?” “what is hard to develop?” “how can we do this?”.20070614055.jpg

I would say, this is even more challenging than the brainstorm part of our job – accepting limitations and constraint is not something that comes easy to me.

But to be succesfull with any project I think you need to avoid getting stuck in the “comfortable” brainstorming phase and go out there and talk to as man people as possible as soon as possible – start by dreaming but then go out into the world and put your dreams to practice.