EU cuts roaming


Go EU! However, the cap is still 46 euro cents, which means that to call my girlfriend and say the basic “I miss you” could still easily cost me a couple of euros. Let’s challenge this further, right?


Back from conference!

As Björn wrote, I’ve been away at a conference for a couple of days. It was a really intense experience to be with 120 people out in the forrest of Finland discussing leadership for 5 days.

Anyway – coming back from such an experience makes you think how to keep in touch with the people you meet?

Maybe answering machine messages aren’t the best – but it’s sure good to know that I can call them

The Viral Factory

When it comes to getting seen on internet, The Viral Factory seems to be one of the best. Using sites as youtube they’ve managed to get up to 35 million hits on one of their clips. That’s about 4 times Sweden!
Some of their most famous videos are the ones showing the Trojan Games, seen below

To see more from The Viral Factory on youtube, click here!

How would i look like, if in Simpsons?

Today, I went in to and made my character as I would look like, if being in the Simpsons. Don’t know if it was similar… You decide


Similar? I don’t know…

Substitute for Linus

Linus has escaped the office for ScaLDS and the wild happenings on the boat to and from Finland. While he’s having fun, creating agendas and partying, we’ve been working hard to find a substitute for him here at the office.

We had to find someone with the same kind of experience and skills. Most of all, we were looking for someone with the ability to pull some strings.

I’m proud to say that our hard work paid off. Let me introduce you to Mr Rope


Allthough not wearing his Rebtel sweater yet, we’re confident that he’ll blend right in to the team!

Jeff Pulver calls for more innovation in voice

“…. And after listening to Brian Whitton speak, it became clear to me there is still a great opportunity to disrupt the communications industry, if for no other reason, than because of the amount of business processes in place at Verizon (and other incumbent Telcos) before a new service is deployed. In fact, in the time it takes for the financial analysts at Verizon work out the operating budgets for doing a voice over ATM rollout and the time engineering spends trying to justify the “risks” for deploying an IP Voice solution, the seed of a communications revolution could planted and sown. All it takes are like minded people who want to change the way we communicate and the guts to take on the status-quo. And what is better than the present time to reboot and restart the Internet Communications revolution?…..”

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What if… ?

Here’s a little video that I think is really funny. Kudos to Efe…

And why wouldn’t you like to go to Sweden, or at least Reb us, when we threw these great parties!?!

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